The publications below is done for PQR-kultur that is a small publishing house situated in the Aland Islands in the middle of the Baltic between Sweden and Finland. This publishing company was founded in 2001 as an offspring from the cultural magazine PQR which was printing its first edition as long back as 1979. PQR is publishing about 6-12 books yearly plus the magazine with a most irregular publishing plan. The publishing company has a wide range of authors from Aland, Sweden and Finland. PQR is a small family driven business with most of the professional skill needed within the family, as culture and literary science, art director and designer. Few external services are therefore needed, as is tradition within these small family businesses in Aland.


Design & Artwork


Ponape, ett äreminne.


image treatment 

Design & Artwork

Atos – en vänbok. The book is a collage of text, memories of Atos, collobarated were…  The Design is showing A´s love for the clean forms and his red political color that never were hiden throu out his worklife.


Layout & Image Retouching

PQR magazine, special edition "Åländsk Samtid" on contemporary writers.

Layout & design

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Agneta Ara återkommer än en gång med en poetisk, tragikomisk och ibland bisarr berättelse i den magiska den här gången den finlandsvenska realismens anda som är så kännetäcknande för hennes romaner. Det handlar om vänskap och vardag, saknaden efter mamma, svek, den dödliga och den odödliga kärleken, kort sagt om livet själv. 

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